Monday, August 10, 2009

one month to live super series

"...we can live deliberately, no longer postponing the joy and peace that comes from fulfilling our God-Given destiny." - Pastor Kerry and Chris Shook
If you enjoyed the movie "The Bucket List", have made your own "100 Things To Do Before I Turn...", or benefited from Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven Life, join us at Broadway United Methodist Church for a new super series, "One Month to Live".

Sunday Message Series -- August 23-September 20
Wednesdays @ Broadway-- August 26-September 16

We'll be following along in the book by Kerry and Chris Shook, One Life to Live. This book has been featured on the CBS Morning Show after the entire town of Clinton, OK asked themselves every day, “How would I live today if I had one month to live?” and then set-out to live their day in response to the question.

The Sunday morning sermons will also be available for download on or iTunes. Find more information and resources at
UPDATE: Johnny G. pointed out that I wrote "One Life to Live" the name of the Soap Opera. I was afraid of doing that. I kept almost writing it several times. I remember once watching an episode of One Life to Live in a doctor's office years ago. This woman was trying to slow her breathing so she was near death and could go into the spirit world to talk to someone who had died and bring them back. I thought that was ironic for a show called One Life to Live.
By-the-way, the name of the book IS One Month To Live.

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