Wednesday, August 19, 2009

a new luxury (yet very practical) item on my wish list

I have become intrigued with Zuca bags! They carry two lines - Pro and Sport - and can be used as luggage, professional cases, artist cases, doggy carriers...

From Zuca Bags

Makeup artists are using the Zuca Pro as train cases for their makeup kits. They are crazy with storage and come with great accessories - some made specifically for the storage and transport of makeup and beauty products. They also have wheels available for purchase that light up! Seriously! They light up! They also sell backpacks, inserts, and other various cases and pouches that can be added to expand the storage capacity.
From Zuca Bags
(Click on that photo above to enlarge it and see the rest of it!)

But the most wonderful part is that these bags are constructed in such a way that they can be sat on! Yes! You can sit on them!
And I want one! In pink! (of course)

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