Thursday, June 25, 2009

polly esther: on my makeup guru; eye primers

In this post:
1) I’ll introduce you to Marlena of
2) We’ll continue our conversation about the glory of eye primers. Specifically, how dark primers can provide a fantastic base that will make bright, rich, and/or dark eye shadows really P O P !

First, I want to introduce you to an amazingly talented woman named Marlena. She is my on-line Obi Wan Kenobi of makeup. There are a lot of people out there producing makeup tutorials. But, for my dollar, Marlena is the best. Not only does she make quality videos, she’s a great teacher. When I first stumbled across Marlena I thought I already knew a lot about makeup. But she has really taught me so much more and made me a smarter makeup lover.

In her latest video tutorial, part of a series on complimenting your eye shape, she addresses makeup for larger eyes. I bring it to your attention because, in it she uses a dark eye primer/base (MAC’s Artifact Paint Pot) to make darker shadows (like MAC’s Plum Dressing and Carbon) really come to life.

You can watch Marlena’s video at her website –

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