Wednesday, May 13, 2009

polly esther: issue 1

For awhile now I have been considering doing more posts regarding my love for makeup & beauty products. There are, however, already a lot of great online resources (blogs, forums, video tutorials…) regarding those topics. But I get enough questions from friends about my favorite products and techniques that I’ve been considering incorporating some beauty blogging into the mix.I became fascinated with cosmetics as a middle school student. I remember receiving those Cover Girl makeup kits in the hard plastic cases, as Christmas and birthday presents. They usually contained three or four eye shadows, a (most likely gaudy) shade of blush, a lipstick, and an eyeliner. This was during that 80’s fad of colored mascaras - in lavenders, pinks, and baby blues. I can remember gunking up a tube of light purple mascara when I decided to apply some to a Barbie doll’s hair. But my real Crime of Beauty during my middle school days had to have been lining my water line (that rim just above your lower lashes) with an electric blue eyeliner that accompanied one of those Cover Girl kits. NOW, as a grown woman in her thirties, I know more about the proper application of makeup and how to avoid irritating my eyes. But back then I’m sure I walked around Shepherdsville Middle School with nasty electric blue “eye boogers” in the corners of my peepers. Classy. But, hey, I’m sure it went great with my perm.

My mother, always the wise woman, had found a solution to my Crime of Beauty offenses by the time I hit high school. Up to that point I had, basically a small collection of drug store makeup items. But Mom made a deal with me that she would buy me a lipstick from the Clinque counter in Castner Knott’s department store on two conditions. 1) She got to pick out the shade. 2) It was the only lipstick I was allowed to wear. No more hot pinks out of the Cover Girl Hard Plastic Christmas Collection. There would be no “Maybe It’s Maybelline, Maybe It’s Mauve”. Gone were the days of unfortunate, badly chosen candy apple reds. Mom, of course, chose a clean, simple, flattering, age appropriate shade of nude lipstick. Fine. I was sold. I just wanted the “Good Stuff”. The fancy department store makeup counter lipstick in the sleek sliver tube. I believe the color was called “Creamy Nude” or something to that effect.
Since then I’ve become a junkie for the “Good Stuff”.

There are some “drugstore” brands that I trust and know I can almost always fall back on. My favorite daily use mascara is by L’Oreal and some of my most used makeup tools come from the Target’s Sonia Kasuck line. But I find that items by brands like Bare Escentuals, MAC, Urban Decay, NARS, Philosophy, and others are worth the extra coin.
Since I first started considering adding some beauty news to this blog I’ve continued to get questions from friends on makeup tips -which I found encouraging. So, I think it’s time to add my beauty mark!

I’m curious to see what kind of topics you might like to see covered. I know this topic won’t be appealing to all of my readers (yes, like you, Dad). But, if this idea does tickle your fancy please leave a comment or send me an email and let me know what questions you have, what products you’d like to see reviewed, and what techniques you’d like to learn more about. I *may* even do some video blogging… Maybe.

For now, I’ll be filing makeup/beauty talk under “Polly Esther”. So, keep an eye out! And don’t forget to comment/email your requests!

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That's great! I will read them. How do you line your eyes now? And do you have a favorite lip gloss?