Friday, May 08, 2009

introducing: fancy farmerete

This Mother's Day weekend I am very proud to point you to a new blog written by the most important woman in the world (to me) - my mom. My mother loves loves loves dirt. So much so that she's dedicated a place on the internet to talking about it.

I have always loved hearing my mother's stories of growing up on a farm. Like me, my daddy is a preacher's kid. And I know what that is like. But hearing Mom's childhood farm stories have always captured my imagination. Following a heart attack, while stationed in Italy, my Papaw came back to Hardin County, Kentucky to return to his family's tradition of farming. My mom was in the fifth grade at the time. Being a preacher's kid, I moved around a lot while growing up. I think that was another reason I loved to visit my grandmother on the farm my mom grew-up on.

On her blog my mom digs into where her love of dirt and gardening is rooted. Please visit her at Fancy Farmerete.

I now have two blogging parents! Visit my dad at Keep the Son in Your Eyes.

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