Thursday, May 07, 2009

if ... then ...

IF ...



have a full-time job
drive to Nashville three days a week
get so tired so often
have pain in my back
get so many migraines
get migraines at all
love TV so much
have pain that shoots down my leg into my left foot
feel the need to stare at my cute dog
get distracted by watching hours of makeup tutorials on YouTube
get sucked into reading the Facebook postings of my friends
get totally lost in reading Twitter updates by people I don't even know
get a pain in my neck
get a burning between my shoulder blades
get overwhelmed by life
cry so much
laugh so much
giggle so much
love to put on mascara so much...

I would write you a letter on my blog every day and tell you paragraph full after paragraph full of the things that rattle around in my head. My noggin. The one with the migraines. The one attached to my achy back. That's connected to the foot bone that burns. That's kicking the butt that lays on the bed watching re-runs of The Real Housewives of X and America's Next Top Model...while Twittering about it.

But, if you are patient with me I will do it.
And if I extend myself grace I will move past the need to make it perfect.
And then something might happen.
And we'll have a good time.
And I will giggle.
And you will laugh.
And we both might cry.
And I will tell you about my favorite mascaras.
Which might smudge when we cry and/or laugh.
But that's okay.
Because I have more.
And I'll share.