Wednesday, April 29, 2009

personally? absolutely!

I came across a list of irritating English phrases in the May 2009 issue of Reader’s Digest. Looking at the list I think I only regularly use a few of these. And only a couple really drive me crazy (especially “24/7”). The rest, either don’t annoy me or I don’t tend to notice them.

10 of the Most Irritating Phrases in English

· At the end of the day
· Fairly unique
· I personally
· At this moment in time
· With all due respect
· Absolutely
· It’s a nightmare
· Shouldn’t of
· 24-7
· It’s not rocket science

(Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare by Jeremy Butterfield – Oxford University Press)

I know I sometimes use the phrase, “at the end of the day”. It’s usually followed by, “… Jesus is still Lord.” I think “I personally” can be a good phrase to use. It’s another way of saying “in my opinion” or “it seems to me” (That’s a phrase my dad often uses. Mostly, it seems to me, he uses that one in sermons.).

I’m kind of bothered when people make broad, sweeping statements that apply to a large group of people or all of mankind…when it’s really just their opinion. So, “I personally” could come in handy when handing over ones opinion.

Have you noticed that when someone says, “with all due respect” it’s an indicator that they don’t respect the other person’s point of view?

In addition to 24-7, I am annoyed by the phrase “the Nth degree”. I don’t know why. I just am. I’m also aggravated by Americans saying “ciao”.

So, what are some phrases/words that annoy you? Leave a comment.


Anonymous said...

"like" and "you know" used every other word in a sentence! *Scream*

Iannucci said...

I'll add "going forward" (as if there's any other direction in time we can head), "used to" (which somehow became some sort of indicator of past tense) and "per se" (the $5 version of "like").

Can I include that little double-finger-wiggle deal people do when they say "quote" as well?

John said...

I wonder if they chose "I personally" because it's redundant. I myself (ha) am fine with it. Just a way to emphasize. "Shouldn't of" is just incorrect grammar. (I haven't read the article yet...they probably say that.) A friend of mine says "At this point in time" at least five times per conversation. In this case it is the redundancy that bugs me. (Just say "at this point"!) I HATE "It is what it is." Also, any corporate lingo that people don't seem to realize has been a cliche for ten years ("touch base")...shut up already!

John said...

Hey Jeff, how about: "Mario is slowing dowwwwn..."

jason said...

this is awesome.

I only trot out "with all due respect" when the next sentence is really bad news. As in, "with all due respect, you are an idiot"

I can't read "I personally" without thinking of Miss Teen SC

Iannucci said...

John, thankfully no one says that anymore.

Eric Coomer said...

I think almost all of the phrases in that blog are things Kara Dioguardi says on American Idol every week.

Jennifer, remember that episode of ANTM when the models were working for Entertainment Tonight and overused the word "actually"?

"We're actually here on the red carptet." I've noticed that a lot of people in the younger generation way overuse that word.

I also hate the phrase, "Well that was random!" Most of the time it's in response to things that aren't random.

And I was just telling my wife that Jennifer made me hate the phrase "Well, that's okay because..." and when news anchors say the word "that", as in "We have more news on that series of robberies at local banks." What series of robberies? THAT series?

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

Eric - how could I forget "that's okay...."??? I hate that!

And, yes, I also annoyed by " on that series of robberies". . We were not just talking about *that* series. Just stop.

When I've had to call Starbucks locations at work I've noticed A LOT of the baristas there (over-) use the word actually. It's totally (or should I say actually) a generational thing.