Tuesday, January 27, 2009

knitting is supposed to be relaxing

I need to vent.

I hate it when knitting patterns make me feel stupid.

I am having issues with the Side Slip Cloche. Yes, I am still working on it. For about a week I was having some pain in my neck/shoulders that made it uncomfortable to knit. The neck pain is from the on-going effects of whiplash from my car accident in October. After a visit to the chiropractor I was able to get back to knitting. I picked this project up again and finished the band. But ran into an issue of where to join the band to the ruffle. The "diagram" in the book is just not that helpful. I've looked at other knitters finished hats on Raverly. I've studied the pictures - even the pictures of the hats there were joined together wrong by other knitters who had problems with the pattern. I have written a knitter who has knit the hat more than once. She kindly wrote me back and I thought I had things figured out. But each time I think I understand I fall apart at the practical application of things.

Dang it.
If you've knit this hat can you help me? Please...? Pretty please?


Rebecca said...

oh no. i wish i could help. i haven't started this one at all yet. still haven't picked out a yarn. ugh. wish you weren't having problems with it.

Rebecca said...

j, my friend Lydia is starting her second one. she said you could email her about it with your questions, i hope she can help. i'll send you her email privately.