Wednesday, January 07, 2009

hold up. i spoke too soon.

I have been trying to prep myself for going back to work soon - as in next week. However, today my neurosurgeon said, "you've been through a lot". He wants to see me again in a few weeks before he'll release me to go back to work. Yay, more time to get my energy and stamina up. Something I've not really been able to do with a fractured ankle. More time for my nerve to heal before going back to sitting at a desk most of the day. And, yay, more time to knit, and read, and write, and watch movies.

I've started on the Side Slip Cloche that's on the cover of the book, Boutique Knits. I alternate between that hat and a few London Beanies I've been working on. I can't wait to be done with the cloche. It is such a cute hat. Hmmmm, how many hats canI knit before going back to work...?


Rebecca said...

i love that cloche, too. it's the whole reason i bought the book. you'll look fabulous in that pink... if it's for you. haven't picked out a yarn for mine yet. like i need another hat.

Sarah H. said...

I love that hat and I love your yarn color!