Monday, January 12, 2009

confessions of a (non) football fan

First of all I should state, for the record, that I am not really a football person. Being from Kentucky I grew up on college basketball. I learned that game watching Louisville and Kentucky games with my dad as a little girl. As an adult I became a fan of Indy Car racing. When it comes to sports my two favorite months are March and May.

Second, I should say that I know I lived in Nashville for ten years and still spend a great deal of time there. And, yes, I am a Titans fan…as much as I’m going to be fan of any football team. I’ve been told that what I’m about to confess is a contradiction to the idea of a being a Titans fan. But here goes.

I like the Indianapolis Colts.

There. I’ve said it.

Now, one could tie back my love for Indy Car racing and the Indianapolis 500 to my interest in the Colts. But really it’s about one man. Tony Dungy. I respect that man immensely.
As difficult as it may seem to accept [for others], it just showed me how the Lord works in my life. - Tony Dungy (from
With today’s announcement of his retirement I guess I’ll just put all my energies into the Tennessee Titans. Here’s hoping that next season will be an even better year for Fisher and team.

Oh, who am I kidding?

I only think about football when the Super Bowl’s approaching. And then I’m watching for the commercials.

So go Cards. Go Cats (well, sorta). Go Hilltoppers. And, most of all, Ladies and Gentlemen, start your engines.

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