Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My family had a really nice and simple Thanksgiving. Originally we had planned to go to my uncle’s house in Louisville. But my cousin, Eric, came up with the bright idea to have everyone come to our house in Bowling Green so that my dad and I would not have to travel (my dad has a broken foot). Two of my uncles and some of my cousins joined us for turkey, dressing, green beans, and our family tradition of broccoli casserole – my Nana’s recipe. Or as my Aunt Trudy put it, “We’re celebrating Thanksgiving with Gimpy, Limpy, and Jo.”.

Yeah, I'm Jo.

My second cousin, Jackson, just celebrated his first birthday and is going to take his first steps any day. We were all anticipating his walking on his own for the first time whenever he’d start to take a step or two, while holding onto something, before softly landing on his bottom. My immediate family and I gave Jackson the Fisher Price Little People barn. I think my cousins and I had more fun playing with it than Jackson did. We all agreed it had been one of our favorite childhood toys. Only now it’s all plastic with “safe” rounded corners. And, get this, it now takes batteries and says more than, “moo”!

This was our first holiday gathering since my grandfather’s death in late June. It was a sweet moment to gather around, holding hands, and celebrate a long time family tradition of singing the Doxology before digging into the turkey and broccoli casserole.

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TaMs* said...

Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. Thanks for the comment. Yes, that painting behind my tree is mine. I did it a few years ago, thanks. And... did you paint your entire bathroom that color??
I'm considering painting a wall in my bathroom that color but the b-room is really small. I don't want it to look even smaller with such a dark color.. whataya think???