Thursday, September 11, 2008

which is worse?

a) Congreessman Steve Cohen-TN (D) contrasting anyone involved in the US Presidential election to Jesus and to the man who sentenced Him to death?
b) Tennessee Congressman Steve Cohen's hair-do?
c) You mean I have to pick just one?


Anonymous said...

Now there's where we differ. I think Cohen looks kinda cute. He just needs some man-spray. Most old men don't think that's macho! It's better than a comb-over!

About his comments, unfortunately he was just trying to be funny and maybe it fell a little short. But then, I'm a Democrat.

I still like you though!!!!

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

Who are you, anon?

I do agree...the comb-over is just not attractive.

Anonymous said...

I'm a loyal "blog-reader-friend". I do not knit or collect yarn, but I do have a dog. I'm a Methodist, a musician wannabe, and I do not have a comb-over. But I like your new hair-do!

There are your clues!