Wednesday, September 24, 2008

for the want of an mp3

I’m ringing the bell. Sounding the alarm. Okay, it’s nothing to get alarmed about. But I’m putting out the call. I would love to find (LEGAL) downloads of a few songs that I cannot locate on iTunes. If you know the where…I’d be so happy.

  • Ed’s Redeeming Qualities “Lawn Dart” (The kid was pegged in the head with a lawn dart. So they're now off the shelves at the K-Mart.)
  • The Government Cheese classic “Fishstick Day”.

  • The Cat Power cover of the David Bowie song “Space Oddity” that can currently be heard in a Lincoln commercial. Unfortunately it is not on her album, The Covers Record.


  • Debbie Harry's "Sweet and Low".


Brad said...

Let me know if you find that fishstick day file, I've been searching for it for years (have the vinyl, but no way to convert).

Anonymous said...