Friday, September 26, 2008

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A few years ago, during a time when I did not have cable television, I was drawn into a movie on TBN called Flywheel. Yes, I know. A movie on TBN…I know. Sometimes movies produced in the Christian community are not exactly, um, spectacular. I mean, did you see The Omega Code? Well, it’s just frustrating really. But this movie, Flywheel, was different. You could tell it was low budget. But it had this simplicity that was endearing. It wasn’t cheesy. There were no bad special effects. Heck , there were no special effects. It was just a simple movie with a good story about redemption and transformation through Jesus Christ.

I would later learn that Flywheel was created by the same people who went on to make the unexpected hit film, Facing The Giants…the people of Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. Yes, a church making movies! This is an amazing story. Two brothers on staff at this church had a desire to make movies. A pastor at their church asked why they couldn’t fulfill that dream while on the church staff. With ONE camera they have now made THREE movies. Facing the Giants turned out to be a great success that was picked up by major distributors.

Their most recently movie, Fireproof, released this weekend and stars Kirk Cameron. He is basically the only well known name in the whole project. But after seeing Facing the Giants, and as a Christ Follower, he wanted to be part of what the people of Sherwood Baptist Church were doing. The majority of the cast and crew are volunteers from the church. They relied heavily on God to take their loaves and fishes and make a movie.

If you’d like to see more *good* faith-based movies be made please go see Fireproof this weekend. Even if you can’t go to the theater and see the movie this weekend go here and purchase a ticket. Or buy a ticket (or twelve) for someone else to see this movie. Opening weekends are big for a movie and can influence their further distribution in more theaters. You can be part of the dream of two brothers on the staff of a church in Albany Georgia who wanted to make movies.

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