Tuesday, June 24, 2008

10 on tuesday: 10 inventions that have made my life easier

1) Cetaphil ( gentle cleanser + moisturizer + eye make-up remover all in one! )
2) The flat iron + the hair dryer
3) The DVR
4) The pay at the pump gas pump.
5) Ravelry ( a great place to find patterns, advice, and other knitting idea )
6) The cell phone
7) The Internet ( Thanks Al Gore! ) + the wireless router + high speed internet + email.
8) The microwave ( Yes, I am old enough to remember a time when my family didn’t have one. I still remember the day we brought home our first microwave oven. It was about as big as a Nubian goat. )
9) The typewriter which begat the keyboard.
10) The spinning wheel…and the wonderful people who spin & dye the yarn that I purchase and knit with…without ever touching a sheep!


Joyce said...

Thanks, Jennifer, for visiting my Ten on Tuesday. :)

I have so much admiration for people like you who know how to knit. It seems such a basic, satisfying skill. Once upon a time I somehow knit two potholders. The yarn got tighter and tighter on the needles as I progressed. :(

pjd said...

Pay at the pump. Even though I live in California (where we don't get snow), I agree that's a huge one. But it may be time for someone to invent "Home equity line at the pump" so you can afford to "pay at the pump." Oh, wait, no one has any home equity any more. Let me rethink that one.

Gnat said...

I agree. I like Cetaphil too...and of course Ravelry is awesome!!