Tuesday, May 13, 2008

10 on tuesday: 10 things i'm good at

10 Things You’re Really Good At

I asked for some *suggestions. I guess I was worried I would put something on the list and the people who know me best would say, “Jennifer, you are so NOT good at that.”

1. Knitting dishcloths
2. Finding humor in just about anything.
3. Being a camp counselor.
4. Singing harmonies.
5. Baking chocolate chip cookies.
6. Penmanship
7. *Recalling contestants in reality shows and their appropriate seasons/cycles.
8. *Listening and offering real and useful advice.
9. *Kissing (Is it gauche of me to kiss and tell?)
10. *Writing

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Shannon said...

Yeah I'll come organize and decorate your house! I do my mom's! But first let me finish all my half projects here.
Do you sell your dishcloths? I would be interested in buying some.

John said...

How did I not think of writing?!