Monday, April 21, 2008

monday sum-up

Last week I went on a 4 day migraine bender.
Thursday I left work an hour early.
As my mom said later, God drove my car. I literally don’t know how I made it home. One eye open.
It was one of the worst migraines I can remember experiencing.
I couldn’t speak. I could hardly see. I barfed. Twice.
My doctor started me on more Prednisone (which I hate, but it works). And said it’s time to start on a daily/preventative migraine medication. Thank You, Lord, that my employer offers a good health insurance plan with prescription coverage.

I took a sick day on Friday.
I dragged myself to the 2nd Annual Crossroads Cookout.
I managed to “MC” and am amazed I was able to remember the names of the other Crossroads team members with all of that migraine residue in my head.
We had a great turn-out that included some new faces.
We gave away an iPod Shuffle. Shuffleupagus.
It rained just a little.

Came home crash and watch a bit of the Japan Indy 300.
It rained in Motegi Japan.
There were weepers in Turn 4.
I went to sleep. Woke-up at 5:00 with my VCR still recording. The race never happened.
Postponed until Saturday (US Time).
This was a big deal because of that whole other side of the world thing. And the shipping of the cars and jetlag and a race at Kansas this coming Sunday.

I found a CD player for 50% off at Target! It’s also an alarm clock and I’m able to plug my iPod up to it.

Saturday I enjoyed a massage at Bella Salon and Spa.
I love Bella.
I now love Karen at Bella.
Karen changed my life.
She is a wonderful massage therapist.
She said, of my muscles/migraine, “You were hot when I started. Now you have cooled.”
At one point, laying face down with my head in that massage table head-rest hole, I opened my eyes and noticed Karen’s bare feet and polished toes-the color of a tomato mixed with a few drops of saffron-and I somehow found it soothing.
I left Bella relaxed and happy.
Migraine, gone.

Saturday night I cozied up in the living room to watch the re-scheduled IndyCar race on the computer.
A tiny screen. Radio broadcast. Delay.
*A portion of the newly reunited league was not in attendance. It felt like we were back to Red Car dominance. It was getting boring.
Then Danica ran some smart fuel stragety. Helio started running on fumes. Didn’t have the juice to keep the speed up. Danica took over. She won. History was made.
She sort of half apologized for getting teary eyed. “I feel like a wuss for crying. Finally.” Girl please. Cry. Shed some tears. If I were you I would have been laying on that track blubbering incoherently. I would have been asking for my mommy. I ain’t gonna lie, I was sitting in my living room crying right along with you. And our relationship had kind of cooled since you went to Andretti. But, girl, I was feeling the moment. I was appreciating the history. I was loving racing. I was proud of you.

Sunday I went to Beaver Dam where my dad preached for a family friend who is away at General Conference.
Daddy preached a good one about finding our way. Who/what is your compass?
We enjoyed a potluck dinner in the basement fellowship hall. Nothing like a Methodist potluck. Nothin’.

My brother, his girlfriend, and I took all three dogs to the dog park. Derby loves riding in the back of Makfire’s SUV.

*Watched my first and last CHAMP Car race from beginning to end.
The last CHAMP Car event. Long Beach. A guy named Will Power won. I’m not making that up.
Paul Tracy and Jimmy Vassar were there, too.
It was good racing.
But then Scott Goodyear and Marty Reid started falling all over Danica Patrick who just showed up from Japan and arrived in the broadcast booth as the race was coming to a close.
Seriously guys, what was that? You only spent one season with Rusty Wallace in the booth with ya. But I guess he got a hold on ya. Marty: Oh, are we on the last lap?
It was a good open-wheel racing weekend.
It’s good to be a race fan.
And I don’t have a migraine anymore.


Katie said...

Sorry to hear about your migraines. It sounds like you managed to have a miraculously good weekend despite it, though.

Sarah H. said...

Glad you're feeling better and doing things you enjoy!