Tuesday, April 29, 2008

headachy vessels of clay

Sunday, during church, I felt the start of a migraine settling in behind my left eye. I was sitting about three or four rows from the front and, after some eye contact, I became aware of how distracting my grimacing may have been for Pastor Adam as he preached. Our senior pastor, Rick, was with his family following the death of his father. Adam performed an infant baptism before preaching. With infant in his arms he realizes the baptistery is nowhere to be found. I’m realizing this with him as I see him looking around for water. The preacher’s kid in me wants to come to the rescue, “Think Jennifer, think! Where can we get water quick fast in a hurry??” Before I could make a move Bart Anderson was on his feet and by Adam’s side and speaking lowly. Adam responds, “Yes, a styrofoam cup of water will be fine. We just need some water. These are the things that happen when the Senior Pastor is away.” Adam take this opportunity to show off the baby to the congregation as Bart swoops in, super hero cape streaming, with a cup of water. Pastor Adam turned it into this beautiful moment-pointing out how Grace can show up in the humblest of forms. In a modest styrofoam cup and, as we are, vessels of clay. For years to come that little girl will be told the story of her baptism – when she was sprinkled with Grace from an unassuming styrofoam cup.

Following church I participated in a session for people looking for a small group. Along with Super Bart Anderson and Pastor Adam I have been part of a small group that plans to break-off into other small groups. I guess I was kind of a “plant” at the session on Sunday, sitting with a table of women, of which, I could potentially be the small group leader. However, my little angry migraine cells were multiplying like a pile of wet Gremlins and I was trying to avoid gizmo’ing right on the table.

I was pretty displeased about the migraine thing considering I had enjoyed a fairly low-grade headache week and a massage the day before (the second in as many Saturdays). Once the worst of the pain subsided after my massage on April 19th I began to realize that one cause of the migraines may be something that is going on in my neck/between my shoulders not far from the top curvature in my spine caused by scoliosis. Dr. Ray is on this and said continuing the massage is a great idea.

Trying to work through Sunday’s migraine I was going to keep a running color commentary on the Kansas Indy Car race (by color, I mean my girly, but knowledgeable, perspective). I didn't get far before giving up on the “running” part. Between my migraine and the delay of the broadcast due to the LPGA tournament running long and watching the first few laps on-line I only had about ten laps in me. [See post to follow]

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