Friday, February 22, 2008

wow, it happened. it really happened.

Indy Racing League founder and CEO Tony George and owners of the Champ Car World Series have completed an agreement in principle that will unify the sport for 2008. (read more)

And actual phone conversation from this afternoon:

ME: John. It’s done. Have you checked your email?
JOHN: Yes. About the merger?
ME: Yes. Look at!!!!
JOHN: It must be really busy. It won’t come up.
ME: John, the merger happened. It actually happened. Why are you not excited?
[He didn’t really give me a reason. And he’s the one who got me into this sport and was around when The Divide happened over a decade ago. ]
ME: It’s now The IndyCar Series.
JOHN: They’ve changed the name? It’s like they gave in.
ME: No, it’s really not. When you see the logo you’ll see what I mean. It’s like some a minor name change and a slight change to the logo. It’s like…it’s like…when we became The United Methodist Church. Nobody knows what the “United” is for. Nobody remembers the EUB Church [Evangelical United Brethren Church] since the merger. Most of the time we’re just called Methodists. [No offense EUB. By “nobody” I don’t mean NO-body. Just most-bodies.]
JOHN: laughter
ME: John, be more excited.
JOHN: Well, well, well.

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John said...

I guess I should be pondering the first "real" Indy 500 since '95, etc. etc., but instead my mind went straight to collectibility of items bearing the IRL name. I mean shouldn't the sun at least be shining?