Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the winningest coach in college basketball

Dear Bobby,

You are a bit of a hot head. Well, that's stretchin' the blanket. You are cantankerous, short-fused, and nothing if not excitabile. Oh, and foul-mouthed. Your photo would never be on Wikipedia with an entry about good sportsmanship. But, but but but, I'll miss you. I really will. When I was growing up you gave us a reason to have a rivalry with IU. The only reason we told those corny jokes like, "Why do all the trees in Kentucky point north? Because Indiana sucks." is because you were a worthy opponet. Oh Bobby, I am a bag of mixed emotions when it comes to you. I was on your side when you gave your Texas Tech player a love tap out on the court. And though the Bobby Knight in the Minute Maid commercial is more to my taste, than the reality (see below), the game will never be the same without you.

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John said...

Farewell, Chairman of the Chair.