Tuesday, February 12, 2008

10 on tuesday: 10 things i dislike about politics

'10 Things You Dislike About Politics'
I guess I have always felt like politics were important. But, for a long time I didn’t understand a lot of it. However, the more I learn and the more I understand the process the more I enjoy it and the more I am convinced that it is a very important thing that each American should devote some time and thought to (and prayer, if you’re a praying American). So, for this list of 10 things I dislike about American politics I could list at least 10 things more that I like.

1) The amount of money spent on campaigning. When figures like $3,000,000 in one month are thrown around it makes me feel a little queasy.

2) That someone, who might be a really great candidate, doesn’t get anywhere for lack of funds.

3) Mudslinging. When will candidates realize that we, The People, don’t care for it?

4) Politics' polarizing effects.

5) Labels

6) I really regret that we often get very emotional about political issues. But why shouldn’t we? It makes sense that we would become passionate about such things-very important things. But I lament that we don’t always remain reasonable enough to take the emotion out of it and hear another person’s viewpoint. Keeping in mind the values and the world view that shapes them. This doesn’t mean that we have to agree with that person. It doesn’t mean we have to change their mind. But if we stopped to hear one another I think we might actually get somewhere instead of feeling like the other side is the bad guy.

7) I am frustrated that there are so many Americans who don’t take the time to get involved. Yes, it takes some energy and effort. But please study up. Figure out what you believe and find the candidate whom you can support. I don’t care if you’re voting differently than me. Make an informed decision and vote. Keep in mind there were times in America when people were denied the right to vote because of their gender or their race. That Women, Blacks, and Native Americans were once unable to vote in this country. And in honor of those people… VOTE! I’d prefer you’d do so with some knowledge to support your decision. But sometimes you just have to make that first step and show-up at the polls.

8) That we often forget that candidates are real people with families. With spouses and children and parents and close friends. And that the candidates and their family and friends are making some big sacrifices. (Can you tell I’m rooting this on my experiences as a P.K.?)
9) The digging up of dirt. Sometimes it’s irrelevant dirt. Sometimes it’s forgettable dirt. Sometimes it’s dirt that’s just no longer dirty.

10) “Don’t taz me, bro!” (Sorry, for a second I thought I was David Letterman)


Florinda said...

Good list. I agree with you on #3 and #4, wish I'd thought of #2, and think you have very good, well-said points in #6 and #8.

Dorid said...

:) looks like I'm following Florinda around today on these blogs.

I didn't consider #8 very much with this election... except in considering the Edwards Campaign. I really hated all the garbage being said because she has cancer. People can be so ignorant.

Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

I'm a preacher's kid...so I guess that's where I got the prespective of #8. Sometimes people seem to forget our shared humanity.

Sarah H. said...

Here, here.

Anonymous said...

Ms.Word magic has done it again.very well done.Janice