Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the 2007 jennybees

My friend, Jason, did a little thing on his blog he called “The Jaybees”. He gave his blessing for me to borrow the idea for my very own Jennybees, a little best of the past year.

The Jennybees of 2007

Soundtrack of 2007
1, 2, 3, 4 – Feist
Trumpet Child – Over The Rhine
Revelation Song - Kari Jobe
Loving a Person – Sara Groves
Divine Romance - Phil Wickam
Waiting For My Real Life To Begin - Colin Hay
The Story- Brandi Carlile
Much Farther To Go - Rosie Thomas
(late addition) Up To The Mountain (MLK Song) - Patty Griffin

Proudest Moment
Being present for the birth of my second cousin, Jackson Levi (and by being present I mean, in the waiting room) and seeing his daddy, Eric, hold him for the first time.

Biggest Let Down
IndyCar Series' loss of Sam Hornish, Jr and Dario Franchitti to NAPCAR. And the apparent loss of Scott Sharp to ALMS. And needing to miss junior high choir camp at Loucon because of my back.

Most “Oh Jesus, you’re going to have to help me" Moment
September 21, when I had a myelogram and October 16, when I had a discogram at my L3, L4, & L5 discs.

Most Difficult Moment
October 16, when the needle/dye went into my L5 disc during said discogram.

Best Book
Lessons in Becoming Myself by Ellen Burstyn

Best Movie
Children of Men
Notes on a Scandal

Most Embarrassing Moment
Being so caught off guard by my own laughter that I spit my drink on my boss at a FYE dinner at Mafioza’s.

Most Surprising Moment
2) Finding out Helio Castroneves was going to be on Dancing With the Stars

Best New Discovery
2 Angela at Bella Salon & Spa
3) Some really great friends from church (thanks to Crossroads and Dinner for 8)

Best Re-Discovery
My love of hot tea and cocker spaniels.

Best New Skill
Expanding my knitting aptitude.

Coming Through in the Clutch Award
First Place - My parents
Second Place - Clutch makes me think of one thing, my 5-speed Honda. Honda makes me think of the Indy Racing League. Therefore, I must make mention of the amazing safety precautions that kept Dario Franchitti (traitor) from breaking his head, or anything else, when he flipped his racecar not once, but TWICE within as many races.

It Is My Personal Belief Award
…that grown women should never wear jingle bells or holiday sweaters. Unless, of course, they are posing for a K-Mart photographer by means of satire.

God-Moment of the Year
Holding Jackson for the first time.

Best Community Building Moment
My newly formed work team's visit to Two Rivers Mansion.

Quote of the Year
This category has proven to be the most difficult in which to chose just one, or even, two winners. I am surrounded by some people who produce some real doozies.
But if anyone deserves this honor it would be my co-worker, “Bill Money”...
These pesty goriters!
For Christmas, now, I want one of these Japanese cats that glow green or red.

Honorable Mention
He died of a sudden issue......................(long pause)……..Um, illness. - My dad, reading from the newspaper about the death of Louisville icon, Tattoo Charlie.

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jason said...

The Jennybees!! Yes!! I must confess that I know very few of the songs on your 2007 soundtrack - I must access these songs quick like.

How is your back?