Tuesday, December 25, 2007

ten on tuesday: 10 best presents ever given to me

1) ...for the little bitty Baby. Born, born, born in Bethlehem ...

2) One Christmas my parents gave me a gold diamond horseshoe ring. They were all the rage in Bowling Green when I was in middle/high school. It meant so much to me because I knew my mother had been wanting a new ring for herself. But, she saw to it that I got a new ring instead. A few summers later, while cleaning Munday Lodge when I was on staff at Camp Loucon, I lost that ring. That ring has been missing for over 16 years. I still keep an eye out for it when I’m at camp.

3) Favorite Toys:
A Barbie Dream Townhouse (it had an elevator and everything)
A Cabbage Patch Kid
An Easy-Bake Oven. I was 29.

4) Amy Grant's Age to Age (on vinyl)

5) A pair of Uggs that Christy gave me during college. She had two pair and she gave me one of hers for my birthday. It’s not that this was well before Uggs became “Uggs” and Christy helped me be way cool way before everyone else (we're talking 13-14 years ago). It’s that she gave something that was hers, something she enjoyed, to her friend because she wanted to share and bring me joy. And she did. And she does.
6) So many wonderful Christmases with my grandmother, who I miss very much. And who left us a really great homemade party mix recipe.

7) A great inner-circle of friends.

8) A wonderful family who teaches me much about God.

9) This Christmas my mom shared several stories about Christmases without her dad, a US Army Sgt, while he was overseas. One of my all-times favorites is how my aunts and grandmother tried to get my shy mother to sing at the church Christmas pageant by telling her to sing loud enough that my Papaw could hear her in Korea. She sang her heart out. Each Christmas with my parents and brother has been a gift. I have never known a Christmas without them. I am grateful to the families who sacrifice Christmases apart in order to serve our country.

10) A red cocker spaniel I named Rusti . And a chocolate cocker spaniel I named Derby Pie. Maybe you’ve heard of him.


jason said...

though I can't relate to the Barbie dreamhouse - this post was fun to read

Sarah H. said...

Very sweet. Thansk for sharing.