Tuesday, December 04, 2007

10 on tuesday meme: 10 favorite things to complain about

1. Humidity in the summer.
2. Poor customer service
3. Customers in Walmart. (Seriously, if I ever get arrested it’ll be for decking someone in Walmart. It’s as if people leave all common courtesy and common sense in the parking lot … or at home … if they ever had either at all.)
4. My local ABC affiliate for running long on commercial breaks and cutting into my favorite TV shows with local commercials for personal injury lawyers and car dealerships. (Really WBKO, what was all that mess during the finale of Dancing With the Stars about?)
5. ESPN Networks for treating IndyCar Racing like the red-headed step-child of auto racing.
7. Being asked if I want to apply for a store credit card.
8. Impolite drivers.
9. Loud talkers.
10. Headaches.


swankette said...

On 2. it's definitely at home - I almost got ran over by one of them in the parking lot once.

Jennifer said...

AMEN to #3! These crazies are everywhere, but especially at WalMart (what's the deal with that?)!! Happy Wednesday to you!

Jennifer :-)