Tuesday, October 02, 2007

hey mambo!

A summary of last night’s Dancing With the Stars, which includes a little commentary by yours truly, is now up at My Name Is IRL. Check it.


Jeff Iannucci said...

Thanks for your contribution.

One thing about Helio (and many professional racers) is he's hyper-competitive, to the point where he's practicing this dancing constantly. He REALLY wants to win any contest, especially one on national TV.

I've been watching DWTS with my oldest daughter, who has been reading stories where Helio talks about practicing so much - even at 3am by himself. Practice, practice, practice. I hope this is sinking in to her skull full of mush.

Sarah H. said...

I would dance with Helio anytime! His face is so expressive and fun. He seriously does look professional out there.

I don't normally watch this show, but I may watch it a bit this year, when the roomies allow. There are lots of decent dancers.