Wednesday, September 26, 2007

more helio; better get used to it

I’ve been invited to be a roving reporter for My Name is IRL so that I may cover Helio Castroneves on Dancing With the Stars this season. Okay, so I’ll be roving in my living room. But I will be offering a bit of commentary on how Helio is doing in the competition. So, please read Jeff’s blog each week and check back here for further thoughts on how my IRL boyfriend is doing.

During one of my many viewings of Helio’s first dance routine I realized I was smiling like a big ol’ goofball. “Yay! Helio! Good!” I am so very very proud of him. I’ll admit, I was really nervous prior to his performance Tuesday night. Like final lap, “this is for the Championship” nervous. Perhaps I have pinned a lot of hope on Helio. I have seen what DWTS has meant for the careers of pervious contestants. I am counting on DWTS to make Helio Castroneves a household name – of course half of America will pronounce that name incorrectly.

Helio did not let me down. First off, he just was Helio. He came out with a smile and charmed everyone. He seemed to genuinely enjoy himself and there is obvious chemistry between him and Julianne. Perhaps I’m a bit biased, but having watched every season and having a feel for what the judges are looking for, I thought he gave one of the best ballroom performances I have seen in the first round during any season. There were a few spots where his leg extensions could have been a little firmer. But his holds were strong and he seemed relaxed. As Carrie Ann said, he is a natural.

The judges were also pleased with Helio and Julianne’s performance, giving them the highest score, a 25, of the men. Never discount the power of the judges’ scores and comments. They can have a strong influence on the viewers’ votes. After seeing her cha cha cha on Monday I believe Helio’s main competition will be Cheetah Girl, Sabrina Bryan. We’ve seen that she can handle the Latin dances. But will she is graceful enough to pull off the ballroom routines? Helio is Brazilian, so I have no worries there.

I’ve been telling you that you would fall in love with Helio, as I have. And with the feedback I’ve received I think I was right! It’s like when you’ve known about a really great band for a long time and all of the sudden they break into the Top 40 Billboard charts and you hear their song wherever you go and suddenly people know their name and you’re like, “See, I’ve been telling you! Now you all know my secret!”

You can watch the performance below.

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