Tuesday, September 04, 2007

i am putting you on notice

A few weeks ago IRL Chief Steward, Brian Barnhardt, said he was putting all drivers in the league on “probation” for what he was felt was overly aggressive driving. There has been some scratching of heads as fans have tried to figure out just what that means. After some comments made on Sunday at the race at Belle Isle I am putting Tomas Sheckter on probation. After being involved in an accident with Helio Castroneves, Sheckter-the driver I would most like to make-out with, based on purely superficial reasons, but who I would never make-out with because I really don't do things like that-said maybe Helio “should concentrate less on dancing and more on driving”. Tomas, Helio and his dancing will bring new fans to the IRL who may actually end up being your fans. Those fans may buy your t-shirts, hats, and die cast cars. They may buy race tickets. You better start praying Helio dances his butt off when he's on Dancing With the Stars. You better offer to wipe his brow and polish his dancing shoes.

I have a goal to finish the neverending dog bed THIS week before the yarn for a new project arrives in the mail from Knitpicks. Nine inches of purling and knitting to go! It’s very much within reach. I added my #3 Helio stitch marker made by Michelle in hopes that I can reach speeds of over 220 mph on my Addi Turbos.


michelle said...

I guess it's time to go find some dancing charms to make Helio a new marker. :)

Rebecca said...

hooray! i bet your youngest pup so looks forward to the day when his bed is done!