Monday, August 27, 2007

we're not ones to go round spreading rumors

An on-line gossip site is speculating on a few celebrity names that may or may not be part of the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, premiering September 24. One particular name made me nearly jump out of my chair and stomp out a paso doble in a fit of joy: My IRL (ex-) boyfriend and two-time Indy 500 champ, Helio Castroneves.

Dear Lord Jesus, please let this be true!

For awhile now I have maintained that the marketing minds of the IRL should do everything within their power (well, within reason) to get one of their drivers on DWTS. Have you seen what this show has done for the careers of Mario Lopez, Stacy Kiebler, John O’Hurley, and Joey Fatone? Not to mention Jerry Springer? Helio would be my top pick of drivers in the league. He is exceptionally charismatic, full of energy, handsome, Brazilian (could be helpful for the Latin dances), and tremendously likeable. He is known to climb track fences after race wins (he started doing this way before Tony Stewart, NASCAR fans). And remind me, did I mention that he’s handsome?

The official announcement on who will take part in this season’s cast comes on Good Morning America this Wednesday.


Rebecca said...

btw, you were more up on this that i, i'm sure, but we just finished a race weekend here in the tri-cities. and to think, i avoided it all... i her traffic is really bad. and you don't go out to eat at all when the nascar folks are in town.

John said...

Was this one of your 6-month prayer things?! I can't believe this.