Friday, August 31, 2007

two birds with one dog

Since I was a little girl, living in Louisville, I have had a fascination with cardinals.

1) They are the state bird of Kentucky.
2) They are beautiful.
3) The University of Louisville Cardinals.

Back then I thought, "cardinals = U of L, blue jays = UK". Seriously, I did.

Tonight I took the opportunity to enjoy some cooler weather than we've been experiencing in the last month. I relaxed in a reclining chair in the backyard while Derby explored. I noticed two birds land in the flower garden to my right. A male cardinal on a tomato cage, and a female on the birdbath. I watched them and said a prayer of thanks for a breeze and a lower temperature. I observed the secret language being spoken between cardinals - male and female. I thought about U of L football's 73-10 victory over Murray State last night. I then realized Derby had found the compost pile. What a way to ruin a moment.

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