Tuesday, August 14, 2007

not again

This will probably be the only time that Kayne West will ever make an appearance on this blog. And he’s making an appearance for me to publicly say, Oh good night nurse, let’s not bring back the venetian blind sunglasses. Stop it. Stop it right now. I’m having flashbacks to walking around the midway at the 1986 Kentucky State Fair with my friend, Kym. I think we were wearing Reeboks. Or maybe those Converse with the colored inserts that could match your outfit or school colors. We may have been wearing our hair in ponytails off to the side. Well, Kym may have. My hair wasn’t long enough. But mine was permed and Aqua Netted. Most likely we were wearing electric blue eyeliner with lavender mascara. And we probably stunk of Love’s Baby Soft. Does anyone have any aspirin? My head hurts. Jennifer Coomer


Sarah H. said...

Sometimes I think celebrities think to themselves, "Can I make anything look cool? I'll give it a shot!"

Rebecca said...

i can't believe that anyone as stylish as you would have ever worn such louvered glasses!