Tuesday, July 03, 2007

10 on tuesday meme: 10 things to do before i die

1) I’d like to see the Grand Canyon and Mount Rushmore. And I would like to travel to Washington DC, Alaska, Israel, Japan, Africa, Mongolia, and Nepal. Really, I'd like to see all 50 States.

2) Visit the United Kingdom and see where my people-English, Welsh, Scottish, and Irish (and U2)-are from. And visit Addington Palace.

3) Learn to play the bagpipes

4) Serve in long term missions in a foreign country

5) Live in Manhattan

6) Write a book (or many)

7) Go inside the Bullion Depository at Ft. Knox and see the gold.

8) Drive an Indy Car at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

9) Get more tattoos

10) Sing with Amy Grant (preferably on stage)

"Go to the Kentucky Derby" could have been on this list. But I am really determined to do that within the next five years.


Patois said...

I love your list. Sounds like a lot of great things to do.

Teena said...

Interesting list ... looks like you'll be busy :)