Tuesday, February 20, 2007

what a wonderful weekend

Saturday we awoke to snow. The ground was being covered and the snow fell nearly all day. It was beautiful, peaceful, and divine.I had a mani and a much needed massage (over-time pay treat to myself!). While talking to Sarah, who did my manicure, I found out that, like me, she’s a United Methodist P.K. and, like my dad, has M.S.. To paraphrase a James Moore book title, “It’s a small world when you’re a United Methodist.” Okay, I really took some liberties with that one.
Over a year ago I had Hotel Rwanda from Netflix for almost two weeks. I could never get myself in a mood to watch it and finally I returned it. Now I share my Nextflix with Mom and Dad and they had ordered that movie. So, Mom and I watched Hotel Rwanda on Saturday. It is a very important movie that I feel everyone needs to watch. It is very moving. It will make you sad. It will make you mad. It will make you both ashamed and proud of humankind. It will make you think hard. It’s a movie that requires some self reflection. And it can be added to the list of “movies that made me cry”.

Deborah, you were right. I finally tried chocolate dipped Altoids. And they are good. Really good! When I first saw them I had my doubts. But you said they were good and I was willing to give them a try. Only I couldn’t find them in the places I had previously seen them. On Saturday night while standing in a long pharmacy line at CVS I spotted some. There they sat on the counter. Oh the amount of self control I had to exert in order not to bust open a box right there before I had even paid for them. Deborah, you’re right. They are very very good. I think I am now addicted. That might make you my enabler.On Sunday morning I sang with the worship team for the first time. Louis, I still have you singing, "takin it, takin it" stuck in my head. Mom, Dad, & I enjoyed some Zaxby’s. Then I took a four hour nap. I love Sunday afternoon naps. But a nap that long makes me feel like I’ve been run over. I wake-up feel disoriented and often times my stomach hurts.

I have never loved George Washington and Abraham Lincoln more than I did yesterday. After a stressful and busy few weeks it was so wonderful to have a long weekend. Georgie and Abe, I could kiss you both on the lips. Only I won’t because you all probably no longer have lips. I enjoyed a leisurely long breakfast with some new coffee. If you’ve seen this stuff in the store and wondered if it was worth it…it is. Later in the day I went to Bella Salon and Day Spa for some new make-up. It was my first time there and it is very nice inside. Also, they carry Bumble + Bumble. Good to know. Then I went to a scrapbook store that has relocated. It is huge inside and I had a nice conversation with one of the owners. I also found cute cute cute brown, blue, and white puppy paw print paper and cocker spaniel stickers! Derby is going to have the cutest puppy scrapbook ever. And BeLinda, thanks for starting me down this scrapbooking path. Know that your days are numbered.

Finally, I spent a good portion of my President’s Day engrossed in a “No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain” marathon on the Travel Channel. Man, I have a hankering for Chinese food.


Deborah said...

I'm now on an altoid 12 step program. I was downing to 2 tins a day - a $6 dollar a day habit when I realized that I could buy good yarn with that money!

Sarah H. said...

I also dreaded watching Hotel Rwanda but ultimately enjoyed and appreciated it.