Wednesday, January 03, 2007

with fondness...2006

Remember when this blog use to be about knitting?
I have not knit a stitch since December 22.

Derby. Derby. Derby.

And it’s something about this time of year.
Lack of sunlight or something.
I easily get in a funk.
Even on medication. (Yes, I take medication.)
But lately I’ve just been in this mood.
I have a hard time doing anything for longer than five minutes.

I don’t feel like writing
I don’t feel like reading.
I don’t feel like knitting.
I don’t feel like sewing.
I don’t feel like painting.
I don’t feel like baking.
I don’t feel like organizing.

I want to play with my puppy.
I want to sleep.

I bought a new journal for 2007 yesterday.
I filled less than two pages.
I have a lot of thoughts that I want to get down on paper.
But I don’t have the concentration.

I made a list of things that I am thankful for about 2006.

Even though 2006 had its dark days …
My back. Lots of physical pai. Ryan's death. Just to name a few. But God was with me on each of those dark days. And in some situations He has already led me to lighter times.

I mostly look back on 2006 with fondness.

I was able to visit Christy and see California and the Pacific Ocean for the first time.
I grew as a knitter.
I was able to move home.
I am living very treasured days with my parents. An extra gift we did not expect.
I went from no dogs to two dogs.
I have learned to cherish friends more deeply…
I gained a new prized friend who challenges me to grow…
Kym and I (who met in 1983) have continued to renew our friendship.
I was able to buy a digital camera.
I was able to have back surgery and have a new lease on good health.
I have really great health insurance.
I saw an outpouring of caring and friendship.
Sam Hornish Jr. won the Indy 500.
Marco Andretti didn’t.
And I was there.
I knit a Booga Bag during the Knitting Olympics.
We had another year with my grandfather.
Who says that you can’t come home again?
I joined Broadway United Methodist for a second time.
Friends had babies.
My cousin is expecting her first child.
Friends got married.
U of L had a great season…in football no less!
Eric gave me a Leeland CD that became one of my favorites of the year.
My parents gave me a puppy.
I went from two dogs to three!

There is an Amy song for pretty much any moment in life.

When it all comes down. When it all comes down. If there's anything good that happens in life it's from Jesus.

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TheSteph said...

Will you please move to my town so we can be best friends?

Who's Ryan? *sniffle*