Tuesday, January 30, 2007

swolled up

In this picture you can see some of the swelling in his brow and on the top of his head.


Anonymous said...

Gosh mommy, go for the real horror My litttle head had looked like I had a n egg under the scalp as we went to the hospital. But I am sooooo brave. And I was proud of you I thought you were going to slug that vet tech. ( not or normal vet clinic, this was the emergencuy referal.) He surely had never worked in an Er before, because he was not very sympathetic. the Derb

bekka said...

poor pup. i hate it! hope he heals and the swelling goes down soon. he's adorable. still. i think he'll always be a gorgeous dog. sigh. so this 15 countdown meme is interesting. i'll have to find your first post on it to understand its origins.