Wednesday, January 10, 2007

puppy breath

I was so tired when I got up this morning that I really thought about staying home from work. The calendar has started over and I have fresh personal, sick, and vacation days. It was so tempting. My bed was warm and cozy. My puppy was cute and fuzzy. My eyes were so heavy. Then I gathered my get-going and headed towards the shower. I even got to work on time after all that “should I stay or should I go?” time. When I got to work I found an email from my dad sending me some encouragement to get me through the day. It was a nice welcome to work. Thank you, Daddy. He’s always been good a leaving little notes of love and encouragement in unanticipated places in unanticipated times.Derby turned 2 months old yesterday. I can’t believe how much he’s changing. And so quickly! It’s bittersweet. Now he runs on four sure paws. Sometimes I even have a hard time keeping up. Recently I noticed that his puppy breath is starting to fade. I love that slight bitter smell that sort of reminds me of coffee grounds. I don’t want it to go away. But there are positives. Yesterday was the first time that Derby really seemed excited to see me when I got home. There was a new recognition in his eyes and an enthusiasm in his tail. Soon we’ll be able to work on leash training and go see the neighborhood. In the meantime I will relish his occasional stumbles and even the way he likes to chew on my hair. And I will enjoy the puppy kisses that turn into nibbles and his little puppy coffee breath.

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