Friday, January 05, 2007

making provisions

Bobby Petrino is leaving his position as Louisville’s head football coach to join the NFL and coach the Atlanta Falcon’s. Well, there goes the rest of my Petrino – Pitino jokes...


I feel like I’m drawing close to a breakout of this weird wintertime slump. I actually got out my knitting the other day…and…looked at it. I didn’t knit a knit or purl a purl. But I pulled it out of its bag and let it see the light of day. Or, at least the fluorescent lighting of my office. I gave it a few pats and then sat it down. Occasionally glancing in its direction.

I spend a lot of time thinking about things that I want to do. I think about sewing things and knitting things and painting things and writing things and reading books and journaling and baking. But the follow through does not always show up. Maybe “work on follow through” should be a goal for 2007. LYLAS and I made a list of things that we’ve talked about doing but time slips up on us and we miss the opportunity. This year we are planning to attend Wine on the River and A Tuba Christmas and take a day trip to Louisville so I can show her some of the places I’ve been telling her about for years (including Lynne’s Paradise Café and Graeter’s Ice Cream and maybe three of the houses I’ve lived in).

More follow through!
Check off accomplishments on mental list!

Oddly, as I’ve been writing this I have received two emails from my cell phone. They are multimedia messages of pictures I took on my phone many months ago. I have never been able to get any pictures sent from my phone to show-up in any one’s Inbox. But now I have a picture of my little (borrowed) Christmas tree in 2005 as well as one of Princess Keyara sitting upon her throne that is my bed.
This morning I was remembering the time I was working on an art piece for Mother’s Day for my mom. I painted two small square canvases. One representing my brother and the other represented myself. Through each ran a red line that represented Mom. In the corner of one I attached a piece of a letter that simply said, “Love, Mom”. While looking through a drawer of old letters searching for her motherly signature (“Love, Mom”) I found a letter that had been sent the previous year. Inside I discovered a $10 bill. I suppose I had forgotten all about the money in the envelope before sticking it in a drawer. But I rediscovered it at a time when I was low on funds and needing gas money to make the drive home to Bowling Green for Mother’s Day. Mother’s provision. I do not recall why she had sent the money. Maybe as a Valentine’s Day gift as she’s known to do. It had been tucked away and was found at a time when I needed it.

This makes me consider God’s provision for us. I think of how, after months of prayers and discussions, I came to the decision with my parents to move home to Bowling Green and live with them. At the time I did not know that a month later I would have a severe setback with the health of my low back. And that I would end up facing surgery. God’s provision. When I needed it most. It was like a really big gazillion dollar bill stuck in a really big envelope and delivered to my front door.

Show and Tell time! How have you seen God’s provision in your own life?

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