Thursday, January 18, 2007

the 15 question countdown meme, #15

This one is one of the more interesting memes I have come across. In each question you list a certain number of things. In the first question you list 15 things, in the second 14, in the third 13, and so on. It would be a little long for one post. So, I'm going to break it up and post one question each day. It was a little challenging, but very fun!

Name 15 people in your family (still alive)
1. Granddaddy
2. Grandma Margie
3. Aunt Wilma
4. Uncle Everett
5. Aunt Myra
6. David
7. Uncle Wayne
8. Uncle Harold
9. Uncle Ken
10. Aunt Trudy
11. Aunt Linda
12. Eric
13. Katrina
14. Michelle
15. Kenny

I'm tagging Tracy and Steph.


MCI - not just for phones anymore said...

glad to see I made the list ... lol

Jennifer Coomer said...

I thought about putting Tony on and leaving Kenny off.

ha ha.


okay, not really.