Sunday, December 10, 2006


This morning I found in my inbox two videos from that BFF BeLinda had sent me. They were both from Sesame Street. The first one was Bert and Ernie singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”. The second was a tear-jerker in which the adults explain to Big Bird that Mr. Hooper had died (*sob*).

This made me link to search for a song performed on The Electric Company that I remember fondly. Remember the “Punctuation” song? I very randomly get this song stuck in my head and can’t stop singing it. “Punc-punc-punc-punc-tu-a-tion!”

I also came across the theme song to “Free to Be…You and Me” by Marlo Thomas and Friends (even though I'm pretty sure the video is a modern day remake). I had the record (on vinyl…yes I had vinyl) and wore it out. I fell in love with Carol Channing’s unique voice thanks to that record. Everyone! Sing along!

Ahh, good memories. I think I’ll search for some Bay City Roller’s Show next….


Cara said...

yes - free to be you and me
yes - i had it in vinal too!
yes - carol channings voice!

AND - i JUST watched the original video two nights ago on TVLand!

AND - i used the baby sketch for a performance i did in high school drama class (yes, i was a HUGE drama geek!)

AND - i remember going to the public library with my mom to watch the film version . . . back in the 80's! yeah, baby!

Jennifer Coomer said...

CARA! I was on the Speech/Drama team, too! :-)

Cara said...

i am a lifetime member of the International Thespian Society! :)