Thursday, December 14, 2006

making a list...

Today I got an email from BFF BeLinda about seeing a relative who shall remain unnamed who has never ever ever been seen by BFF without lipstick.

Email Subject: Making a list…

…and then mailing it to parts unknown because I was standing by the mailbox at Kroger and I saw *Unnamed Relative by Marriage* who goes to Kroger like she’s in a beauty pageant. And I had on sweats and wasn't in the mood. So I hid behind the post by the mailbox and dropped in my mail. And my grocery list. I did wind up saying hello in the store where she was purchasing large amounts of marshmallow cream.

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Cara said...

marshmallow creame is very very good for making fudge. just check out the recipie on the back of the jar. mmmmmm.

in my house, we had the opposite problem.
mom: "cara, you look so pretty . . . but do you think maybe you might want to put on a little lipstick?"

funny about the grocery list. i would totally do something like that. today at the post office i was taping up my packages in line b/c i ran out of tape at home and had to buy some tape at the post office. i actually managed to tape the pen on a cord onto my package.