Wednesday, December 06, 2006

antm 7 finale

Tonight is the Cycle 7 Finale of ANTM.To see the portfolio of each remaining model click on their names below.


I developed a half subjective/half objective grading scale to pick a winner. It’s very complicated and uses a plus, minus, neutral grading scale. I am probably the only person who will understand this system.

I graded each models' portfolio based on my own personal positive, negative, or neutral reaction to each photo in the models’ portfolios. Then I used a neutral and +1 points system for each challenge a model won.

Using this very elaborate 10 point system Melrose will be the winner with all ten (10) points.
Followed closely by CariDee at nine (9) points.
Eugena finished last with three (3) points. She really redeemed with three challenge wins.

However, something in me thinks that Melrose is going to be the first one to be eliminated tonight. I don’t know what it is. It’s just a feeling. And I hope I’m wrong because I’d really like the bottom two to be CariDee and Melrose. I would be happy with either girl winning. But I would really like to see CariDee be ANTM.

What do you think?
Who do think will make the final two?
Who do you think will win?


Cara said...

pleased, little ANTM wanna-be? (i mean that in a good way . . . and i must admit . . . after the show last night, i struted past a mirror and said to herb, 'i think i could be a model!' to which he responded, 'you don't know enough about the industry.')

Jennifer Coomer said...

Do you think people didn't get my satire????

Cara said...

maybe i didn't.
i can be slow like that.

Jennifer Coomer said...

i just mean with the whole scoring system. I was joking. Okay, I was half joking.