Sunday, November 26, 2006

the story of the blue pants

My cousins and I usually end up in the basement of Granddaddy & Grandma Margie’s house for any family gathering. We like the kids table. This Thanksgiving I noticed a pair of baby blue polyester pants hanging in the corner. I'm going to guess these pants were purchased the same decade that most of us grandchildren were born. I asked my cousin, Eric, to put them on over his pants. He said no. I begged. Still, I got a no. Since he wouldn’t do it I asked my dad to when he wandered down into the basement.

ME: Dad, please put on Granddad’s pants over your pants.
DAD: Why?
ME: Because it’ll be funny.
DAD: Okay.
ME: Yeah! Put ‘em on!
DAD: I will.
ME: Just put them on over your pants.
DAD: Jennifer, there is no way!
ME: Oh, come on!
DAD: There is no way without taking of my shoes. I’ll take them upstairs and put them on.
ME: Oh...Okay.


Dad walks out of back bedroom wearing Granddad’s pants.

Walks into kitchen to show everyone.Everyone laughs.

ME: See! I told you all it would be funny! And it was hilarious!


Anonymous said...

Grandaddy very seriously said to John " Do you want those pants John?" No Dad, thanks ( thinking of the collection of pointy toe black mens shoes he has been given over the years because they wear the same size and proper preacher pointy collar dress shirts and etc, etc. Janice

Jennifer Coomer said...

I almost added that part about Grandaddy offering to let him keep the pants.

Sarah H. said...

Fun! Glad y'all had a good Thanskgiving.

Eric Coomer said...

Yes! That is awesome.