Sunday, November 19, 2006


Friday was a long day that did not totally go as planned. I don’t even feel like telling you about the first 2/3 right now. You’ll just have to be patient.

Friday night we had a little par-tay to celebrate the 30th birthday of my cousin, Eric. His birthday is next Wednesday, November 22. Yes, when you think Eric Coomer’s birthday you think JFK’s assassination. Eric=Grassy Knoll. You know how when you’re a kid the adults in your life really go to efforts to celebrate your birthday? Because of this I thought that Eric’s birthday was ON Thanksgiving for many many years…Until I was old enough to get that whole 4th Thursday in November thing. Turkey and pumpkin pie? Nah, turkey and birthday cake! Pilgrim hats? Nuh-uh, pointy cone birthday hats!Okay, where was I? So…we celebrated E’s upcoming tri-decade mile-marker. As the card I gave him stated: Thirty. It’s all a big joke until it happens to you. His wife walked in the room with this cake (that was on fire!) and said, “I had to have help to figure out how to get this many candles on a cake!” I should shut-up because I’m gonna be 40. “When?” Someday.

The day of my surgery Eric pulled a birthday present for me out of his backpack. He was like, “you probably already have this, don’t you?” And being that I was on some kind of dopey drugs I was probably like, “Yeah,” in a way that made him feel like a loser. I’m just guessing because of the my behavior when I was still coming off the anesthesia and jacked up on the post-surgery happy drugs has been described to me. Eric had gotten me Blue Like Jazz which Christy had just given me two days before. So, he stuck it back into his backpack and said, “Good, I want this book for myself!” See, it all worked out for the best. Last night at his own birthday party he gave me NEW birthday presents. Check it:Amy’s new Time Again Live DVD and Leeland’s “Sound of Melodies” cd. I am very excited about both. When E handed me the Leeland CD I was like, “Errrr?” and he said, “This is your new favorite band.” Okay, he’s right. This cd is awesome. You all need it. Mom and I listened to it on our way back to Bowling Green and one of the songs (which I’ll tell you about later) caused a “Wow” moment.My friends, Laura and Casey, were very sweet to give me a post-surgery care package of some wool yarn in that classic fisherman’s wool sweater color, TWO (!) eggs of Silly Putty, and some Andes mints (which I love love love). There is a felted purse I’ve been wanted to make with some fisherman’s wool. Or I could make like 100 felted flowers! Awesome. Thanks L & C!!!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to check out my new blog.

i love you!

Anonymous said...

I see how you are... blame it on the surger... it's ok.... :D

Cara said...

i would actually pay you money to make me a felted purse WITH a felted flower on it!
let me know if you feel like being commisioned.
of course, i would provide the yarn too.

Jennifer Coomer said...

Okay, I can make you one sometime. Maybe after Christmas???

We can discuss patterns....