Sunday, November 05, 2006

The Church

Today I went to church for the first time since my surgery. The last time was on my birthday, October 15th. It was so good to worship with my Bowling Green church family and see so many friends.

Many times this morning my mind went to the church in Colorado Springs who would be coming together this morning for what I’m sure would be a very emotional service. Hopefully, they were able to offer one another support during a time when their church is receiving so much national attention. Attention for something they would probably rather the world not know about.

As a preacher's kid I have no illusions about how ugly the inner-workings of a church can be. My family has been deeply wounded by such, well I have no other word, crap. And I have no illusions about pastors being perfect. As a matter of fact I have seen how the ministry can run the gamut of isolation-feeling like you live on an island- to living in a glass house. I think too many people think their pastors may be above temptation or persuasion. When they are often faced with temptations and, I think understandably, may feel like they have no one to turn to in order to truly confide in their struggles and be transparent.

I have had people in the ministry disappoint me. I have known pastors who have made mistakes-huge mistakes-and had to walk away from ministry. Several of these pastors have had a deep impact on my life and my faith. Yet, the things they did could not destroy the lessons they taught me and diminish the lasting effects that they have had on my life. Sure it hurts. Very deeply. But I pray that can be the same for people who have been ministered to by Ted Haggard.

Those of us who call ourselves Christ followers need to pray for Pastor Haggard and for all of those who worship at or who are affiliated with New Life Church. I know how easy it is for us to want to know all the salacious details. It’s naturally easy for us to judge one another. It’s easy for us to condemn. How much sweeter would it be for us to pray than to convict? To feel sorrow with and lift up? To come together as the Body of Christ. For We are many yet We are one. Even differences considered. When a part of Us is wounded We can and I say should participate in the healing that needs to take place.


Cara said...

amen and amen.

Jennifer Coomer said...

thank you

louis tagliaboschi said...

You are absolutely right. I went through a similar situation at my last church (it was one of the associates). He had an affair and it almost broke my son's heart, because he considered this man to be his pastor. He didn't forget the lessons he learned, both good and bad. My son is stronger for it. I pray that the congregation in Colorado will be stronger as well.