Sunday, November 26, 2006

ANTM Cycle 7 - Episode 10

The girls call up one of the male models they worked with on their Secret commercial and ask him to join them for dinner and bring friends. When they return to the house CariDee starts making out with one of them. Last week, however, she was on the phone with her boyfriend who I thought seemed really wonderful, and sweet, and empathetic while she was telling him she had accidentally shared her deepest darkest secret. Oh CariDee, how the layers unfold…

Tyra visits the girls for a coach-style pep talk on “harsh critiques”.
If I have to say things that make you hate me and make your fans hate me so be it. I’m going
to sacrifice myself for you. - Tyra
Well, I guess we all have to make sacrifices in life…

This is the episode where the girls go on Go-Sees. This is usually not one of my favorite episodes in a cycle because I get anxious for the girls to do well, see all the clients, and return on time. I don’t handle the acting ones very well either. Eugena and CariDee pair up for their Go-Sees as does the Twins. Melrose goes it alone and says she likes it that way. She didn’t need anyone because she impressed the clients most and won the challenge. In my opinion she really gave it all she had, even if she repeatedly dropped the fact that she studied fashion design.

Regardless of their being late in returning to their starting place the Twins were disappointing at their Go-Sees. I’m really rather surprised that at this point in the game Michelle’s walk is still so awkward and clumsy and cockeyed. One designer thought Amanda was better than Michelle. Eugena probably would have rocked this challenge more if she had smiled. One designer commented that CariDee’s make-up was too heavy. You mean bright red-orange lipstick is not a natural look?

Melrose wins the challenge and invites CariDee to join her for the prize of being, “treated like a super model”. But not the first Super Model Janice Dickinson is quick to point out. Okay, not really. She wasn‘t even in this episode. They are treated to a meal prepared by a chef at their apartment and toast to being, “blonde, sexy, young….and a supermodel.” Since Melrose won Eugena, of course, does not care that she didn’t win and complains that the house smells of fish and she is glad that she doesn’t have to eat that gourmet meal….

Tyra Mail hints at something that has to do with a bull. Eugena thinks this may mean a mechanical bull. Because they are shooting in Texas. Oh no, wait. They’re not? They’re in Barcelona? As in the one in Spain? Where the Running of the Bulls is? The one with all the bull fighting? That Barcelona? Oh, I thought you meant the Barcelona where Urban Cowboy was filmed.
I don’t have a problem with bull as long as it’s fake. - Eugena
Well put, Eugena.The girls are greeted in the bull fighting arena by Mr. Jay who is dressed at a matador.
Mr. Jay doesn’t look like a matador at all. He looks like Mr. Jay in a matador costume. -Eugena.
Jay then announces that NOTED fashion photographer Nigel Barker would be shooting their pictures in the arena while a live bull stood in the background. Prior to the shoot CariDee says to Nigel, who is holding a baton, “Did you just remove that from you’re a$$ from the last panel?” The next shot makes it look as if Nigel is storming off. But I wonder if that was just editing. Then, of course, Mr. Jay has to give a speech about respect…blah blah blah. CariDee apologizes to Nigel who is very gracious about the whole thing. But explains that such behavior isn’t professional and she should probably hold her tongue. Honestly, I don’t think he was that mad about it. But drama makes for good

Eugena really showed up and owned this photo shoot. She really impressed me. Amanda just didn’t seem together. Michelle got better as she progressed. I was really expecting Melrose to turn it up on this shoot. But she played it safe. CariDee clearly had the Nigel incident on her mind. She was over acting and not her usual confident cool self. Mr. Jay said she looked hoochie. If I had a behind that like I’d be sticking it out, too, CariDee.JUDING
Why was Tyra standing all weird and cockeyed with her back to Nigel during the panel introductions and the routine listing of the “amazing prizes”?

The girls were given a challenge at judging. They were asked to say who they thought had the most potential and the least potential between them. How is this a challenge? IN pervious cycles the models have been told NOT to bad mouth their fellow models and now they are being asked to toot their own horns and bash someone else. I didn’t like it. I will say that Eugena rightfully said that she has grown a lot through the whole process. CariDee reads a letter of apology at panel, a Top Model first. Nigel says she often acts like she’s listening when being given direction but she’s really not. And that is becoming more apparent.

I think that Melrose looks like Madonna in her photo.This is clearly Eugena’s best photo to date. However, I think there is something odd going on around her face.Michelle - ehAmanda - ehCariDee - I liked it a little better than the judges did. But it’s really not her best work. “I see beautiful photography. But not beautiful modeling.” - TyraI love when Ms. Jay does his drag queen voice. Hi-larry-us.

America’s CoverGirl of the Week: CariDee

Up for Elimination:

Tyra comments that Michelle’s portfolio scored highest at the Go-Sees. But she lacks the drive.


Michelle’s parting words: I guess I was here to find myself and I found a little bit of something so that works for me. I’m 18. I’m so young,. There’s so much more life to live. I need to embrace it instead of hiding from it.

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