Friday, November 10, 2006

antm 7: episode 8

Episode 8 (#7 was a recap week) opens with the girls mourning the loss of Brooke in the Top Model house. CariDee and Melrose agree that Brooke grew as a model and wanted “this” and so many of the girls in the house don’t really appreciate “this” and the opportunity that they have in “this” but Melrose really wants “this” very badly and Michelle says “this” was never her dream but she seems to have the natural talent for “this” but she doesn’t really know much about “this” or fashion.

The girls arrive at the beach and jump in the sand while wearing their “model uniform” dark jeans. Every one of them. Near a volleyball net they are greeted by Professional Volleyball Player/Model Gabrielle Reece who is going to teach them about action modeling. We learn that Jaeda played volleyball in college. “I’m really nervous because basically I look like I’m about to break a lot of the time.” - Michelle

Gabby shows them that “all you have to do is get up underneath the ball (*wham/smack*) and that’s all you have to do.” Yeah, that’s all you have to do. Whenever a girl falls flat on her face in the sand she says, “Good try!” and suddenly memories of Sunday night youth group volleyball games comes flooding back and I feel light headed.Then the painful part beings. Every cycle there is That Girl. The Girl who has the looks but lacks the confidence for “this”. Last season it was Gina. This season it’s Anchal. Anchal is worried about her figure in a bikini. Anchal is worried about how her body will look while jumping around in a bikini. Anchal is worried about shedding her cover-up when it’s her turn to “get up underneath the ball” in a bikini. But hey, you‘d never catch me on national TV in a bikini even if I’d be given a spa weekend with Amy Grant and Paul Leyden in return. Although, I didn't sign up to be ANTM. To the camera Eugena remarks, “Anchal is always self conscious. And it makes her look even more, I guess, flabby and more like a big o’ blob because of the way she carries herself. She doesn’t carry herself like she’s proud of what she has.” Eugena, shut-up.

Oh boy, oh boy! James St. James! Self proclaimed “author, bon vie vaut, and NASCAR enthusiast”. St. James previously appeared in Cycle 5. Eugena says he looks like, “a goth drag queen”. Eugena, shut-up.Action Modeling continues in this challenge as the girls will be shooting their own photos by remote control as they action, um, “pose” with NASCAR driver and model Stanton Barrett (Don’t look at me. I don’t follow the racing of cars that have windshields.) After popping a whole in Stanton’s car hood with her stiletto Michelle wins the challenge. Now, if you ask me CariDee was the winner. She was creative. She was original. She was the first to include a prop by grabbing the checkered flag and incorporated it into her shot (which also camouflaged the remote control). James St. James tells Michelle that she’s won the “opportunity” for a $10,000 shopping spree. “Opportunity”. Something I didn’t catch the first time I watched this episode. Michelle is asked to invite three friends along. She picks “the-other-one”, CariDee, and Melrose. They are given 30 seconds to grab as much merchandise (that totals $10,000 worth of garb) as they can. The person who crosses the finish line with the most duds wins all of the loot gathered during the 30 second completion by all four girls. I am sure that all of you agree with me that this is totally unfair for Michelle. Especially because Melrose wins. And doesn’t share. Melrose, shut-up.THE PHOTO SHOOT - “Sexy Space Sirens”This week’s photo shoot takes place at a sky diving training facility where the girls become airborne over a large fan. Was anyone else totally shocked when Anchal said it was a dream of hers to participate in sky diver’s training? Yeah, I thought so. Most of the girls try. But this just seems hard. Only a few of them rock it.
“Anchal didn’t come across graceful. As if that’s anything new.” - Mr. Jay
“Oh twin.” - Michelle
“Make the girls hate you even more.” - Mr. Jay
“I don’t think that’s possible.” - Melrose
“Melrose is my biggest completion. She wants this as much as I do.” - CariDee
“Melrose should go home. She’s the most freakin’ annoying person on the plant.” - Anchal
“Michelle’s hands look like catcher’s mitts.” - Mr. JayAMERICA’S COVER GIRL - CariDeeIn this episode I realize something. I can’t say that I’ve heard Miss Tyra or The Jays use the word “fierce” even once this cycle. Has it gone the way of the poncho, the pashmina, and the Ugg?

Miss Tyra seemed to be in an off mood. A little cranky. She made several less than affirming comments in a very off the cuff manner that just wasn’t like her.The girls were given the challenge to act out randomly drawn verb and adverbs.
Eugena-shake flirtatiously
Amanda - ski sadly
Jaeda - skip sensually
Michelle - swim frighteningly
Anchal - dance aggressively
Melrose - box aggressively
CariDee - hide dizzily
Now, maybe Tyra’s seemingly bad mood can be attributed to her not feeling like most of the girls committed to this challenge. Expect for Melrose, who took “box” to mean “vogue”, and CariDee, who devoted herself fully to hiding dizzily. The funniest thing in ANTM history since Lisa’s workout routine. (Check out my first posting on YouTube...)

Tyra admitted that she was kicking herself for doing this photo shoot because maybe it was too hard until she saw Melrose’s photo. Amazingly Anchal had a great photo this week. Now, Tyra, if you don’t want the girls reminding you of Michael Jackson don’t put them in bulky gloves.UP FOR ELIMINATION

Anchal’s parting words - “I’m a little self conscious and I can get rid of that. And just do better. I honestly believe that God had something else planned for me. So I’m not letting it get me down. Of course it hurts right now…It’s stepping out of my box. It’s a life lesson learned.”


Cara said...

dude. you've gotten me into this show.

other shows i am addicted to:
grey's anatomy
the office
gilmore girls
project runway
everwood (re-runs on abc family)
studio 60

Jennifer Coomer said...

Well then, I think Tyra owes me something if I've been good publicity for her show.

My other shows:
Ugly Betty
Desperate Housewives (yeah, it's gotten better this season)
Brothers & Sisters
What About Brian
And of course, As the World Turns

I have been a horrible Gilmore Girls' fan b/c I keep forgetting to tape it while I'm watching DWTS.