Thursday, October 26, 2006

kymrose, caralily, and debbiedaisies

Monday. Mom and I were laying on my bed watching ATWT. I was maybe kinda sorta teary eyed because they were finally dealing with the death of a cast member and the people of Oakdale had just learned that Hal was killed while away in D.C. Then in walks Dad with a box and inside was a vase and beautiful flowers from Kym!Tuesday. I had a hard time getting to sleep the night before. I was sleeping kinda late, and really needing to wake-up and take some a pain pill, when the sound of the doorbell awoke me. After awhile I climbed out of bed and wandered into the family room. Mom said, "More flowers for the lady." Really? I opened the box on the island in the kitchen and found beautiful fall colored lilies from Cara (Did you know that lilies are one of my favorites, C?)Wednesday. I'm in my room trying to take it easy. Doorbell. More? Really? Seriously? They're from a dear friend at church, Debbie. How sweet is that? You all are going to make me grow accustomed to fresh flowers! I'm becoming a spoiled girl!
You sure have known how to brighten the house!

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J.P. said...

What beautiful flowers!

ATWT had me sobbing during Hal's wake at Yo's. You could tell that the cast members were grieving, as well. I thought it was very well done!