Monday, October 30, 2006

2:45 in the morning

This week …
“Jen-Jen” brought over a Derby Pie. Yum-O.

I got a package from fellow knittern and blogger JP that included some of my much loved things: Lip Smackers, Jelly Bellys, and a Wooly Willy. Only this was a miniature version! I had never seen one that size. Very cute. My grandparents kept one of those at their house for us grandchildren to play with. That and the Etch-A-Sketch were my favorites at Grandaddy and Nana’s house. (SEE PHOTOS IN ABOVE POST)

LYLASarah’s sister, Emily, sent me a package this week. Inside I found a prayer shawl crocheted by a woman at Emily’s church (UMW, Rock On). When I pulled it out and read the attached note I began to sob. As a “fiber artist” it meant so much to receive a prayer shawl. Emily also enclosed a book by a favorite author of mine, Laurie Notaro, and some yummy green tea. And I am a big fan of green tea. The flowers I receive seem to get prettier everyday as they continue to open.
Thank you friends!

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