Tuesday, October 10, 2006

10 days?????

This morning I had my pre-op visit. I was given one of those hospital bracelets to wear. You know, in case I got lost between check-in on the 4th floor and my actual appointment on the 5th floor. I noticed that it said my age was 33. Hey, not yet! I still have 5 days left as a 32 year-old. I guess they used the age I will be the day of my surgery. It was just odd to see it in writing. I am about to enter the “early-to-mid thirties” category. Oh, who am I kidding? The “mid-thirties” category. I was in high school when the show “thirtysomething” was on. And those people seemed so much older than I *feel* right now. Expect for the back pain, that is.

Today I learned that I will need to be at the hospital at 8:00 a.m. the day of my surgery. I was given a bottle of anti-bacterial soap to use from the neck down the morning of my surgery. Yeah, that outta be fun. And drying. When I asked if it was okay to use product in my hair that morning I was given a look that I am still trying to figure out. I don’t know if it was:
a) “What is ‘product’?”
b) “I’ve never had anyone ask me that question before.”
c) “Are you seriously going to fix your hair the day of your surgery?”

Hey, it’s already bad enough that I can’t wear lip balm or drink any water that morning. At least I want my hair to *feel* right.

Yesterday my new Land’s End bathrobe and nightgown arrived. Yippee! I was in serious need of a new robe considering that I threw away the last one I had when I moved in June. It was a bulky terry cloth with hair dye stains on the collar. This new robe and nightgown are so so so soft. They are both supima cotton. Like a lux tee-shirt fabric. And I treated myself to a monogram on the robe.

Now "get new robe” can be crossed off my pre-surgery To Do list.


Nate Hamilton said...

What a nut! Oh, and email me the URL for the vendor you purchased from... Liz loves that sorta stuff (all girly and stuff). :)

Jennifer Coomer said...

Dude! I can't find your email address. I don't know where it went. Email me.

Anonymous said...

You threw the terry bath robe away? You may not remember but it was originaly mine and I let you have it. I maybe was going to cut it for a memory element. Mom oh and yes "grandaddy" you must get your hair fixed before you go to surgery. You must look you best. Do you need a tie?

Jennifer Coomer said...

Mom, if you had seen the condition of the terry cloth bathrobe you would not have wanted me to move it into your house. Yes, I remember that it originally yours.